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Digitale Foto's

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Ten geleide

Een goede DSC (digital still camera) en een PC met breedband Internet-toegang zouden voldoende zijn om op het web mee te doen.
Deze studie-pagina is voor mezelf en anderen die hun draai nog moeten vinden in de foto-wereld op het Internet.

Op deze pagina zijn in de linker kolom links te vinden naar populaire foto-service providers. In de rechter kolom staan copy-paste aantekeningen met betrekking tot de respectievelijke providers.


Snapfish provides members a fun, safe, and easy way to process, print, digitize, store, share and otherwise use (collectively "Process") photographs.

Terms of Membership Snapfish membership ("Membership") is available to you if you are at least 13 years of age and submit certain requested information to Snapfish, including your name and correct email address. When you become a Member, you must provide Snapfish with true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself when such information is requested by the Service (whether by questionnaires, surveys, registration forms, or other informational requests).Top

A condition of Membership is your "Active Participation" in the Service. Active Participation is defined as sending in film or purchasing photo merchandise, including reprints and enlargements, through the Service at least once every 365 days.

Digital Image Storage Snapfish offers free, unlimited storage of online photos to Members who maintain Active Participation.
There is no limit to the Content you can upload. When you upload image Content to the Service, the original resolution of your Content may be affected depending on the upload speed you choose. Further, if you upload an image with more than nine mega-pixels of resolution, Snapfish may in its discretion down-sample the image regardless of the upload speed you choose.

You should always preserve your original Content, or make back-up copies of such Content, on your personal system. You should not use the Service as the only repository or other source for your Content.

Hi-res photos: 1612 x 1024 pixels
Low-res photos: 900 x 600 pixels
Screen resolution photos (the large size photos you view in your account): 420 x 280 pixels

Thumbnail resolution photos (the very small photos you see in full album view): 96 x 64 pixels Top

The thumbnail system removes the need to search for digital pictures using original file names, which makes it difficult for many digital camera owners to find the photo they need.


Fotothing is like a blog, with photos instead of words - a photoblog.

Fotothing allows you to share your latest and greatest photos with your friends, family and the world. Other users can post comments on your photos, and the most recently updated Fotothings appear on the home page.

You can use Fotothing to keep a daily record of your life in photographic format, document the growth of your kids, or simply to get public feedback on your latest work of art. The possibilities are endless. Top


Webshots Desktop, a free photo management application, combines wallpaper and screensaver functionality with tools for managing and sharing photos. The application offers slideshows, one-click photo uploads from digital cameras to online photo albums, and a feature that allows users to track and view the photo albums of their friends and family. Over 120 million copies of the Webshots Desktop client have been downloaded to user PCs, decorating computers worldwide with stunning photos.

Free membership allows members to download any Webshots photo to their computer and also upload and share their own photos. Premium features, such as high-resolution downloads, additional image storage and advertisement-free browsing on Webshots, are available with the Webshots Premium service.Top